Why is a Windshield Made With 2 Pieces of Glass?

Windshields are like front-line warriors in the battle for the safety and security of your vehicle, and this is also why their quality is of optimum significance. Any good windshield should be strong and tough enough to withstand maximum pressure in case of a collision or a hefty bump. This goes without saying, but clarity in the glass is also an indispensable feature in a windshield. Lastly and most importantly, the primary safety characteristic of any windshield is that it should be shatter-proof so that in case of significant damage, the splinters of glass should not fly into the vehicle and cause injury to the occupants.

To any regular person, a windshield might appear to be a plain piece of ordinary glass, but in reality, there are three layers, two tempered glass sheets, and one plastic layer. It is not as weird as it sounds and is actually true that any average automobile windshield is made of 2 separate pieces of glass, not a single one. These two pieces of glass are essentially packed with a thin plastic layer in between during the lamination process of preparing a new finished windshield. In this procedure, both glass pieces (each usually of around 0.1 inches thickness) are heated in a special oven with a plastic interlayer (approximately 0.05 inches thick) to create laminated glass, which has much more strength and durability than ordinary glass.

Employment of this technique also makes sure that in case the glass breaks in an accident, it doesn’t shatter like a normal glass (which is sharp and causes physical harm). In the unfortunate case of a breakage, the windshield made of laminated glass makes sure that the glass remains attached to the internal plastic layer. Hence it is also a requirement by law that windshields be made of laminated safety glass only as it conforms to all the requirements. On the other hand, if there is no interlayer between the two glasses, any minute harm done on the outer side of the screen would travel to the internal part and damage the whole windshield. This will not only create an imminent safety hazard every time a chip or crack appears, but it will also force automobile owners to replace their windshields much more frequently.

The process of making a new windshield from tempered glass is not something that can be flawlessly carried out by any local auto glass repair shop. It takes advanced equipment, an expert set of skills, and years of experience to manufacture a brand new windshield. Therefore in case you have lost your windshield in an accident, please do not try to repair or replace it yourself by watching DIY videos online. It is also best not to trust any windshield that is developed in a little barn style shop in someone’s backyard. Whenever you require a windshield replacement, always go for professionals who recommend branded laminated glass windshields with repair and replacement warranties. Your safety and security are worth much more than just a few bucks that you may save going for the degraded quality that may not even pass the basic inspection criteria.

Kevin Wilson @ www.stonemountainautoglass.com