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The Basics of Car Window Repair


In the century or so since auto glass was introduced, there have been numerous advances made that help increase the strength and convenience that the product provides. From shatter-resistant materials to UV tinting that keeps harmful light out of the cabin, most auto glass now provides multiple benefits when compared to past predecessors. The primary function of auto glass – whether it be your windshield or side window glass – is to protect drivers and passengers from elements such as wind, the sun, precipitation and debris. In most cases, the windshield provides the vast majority of protection against these variables.

Because of this, it can be easy to overlook the importance of and benefits provided by auto side window glass. While the vast majority of auto glass repair and replacement jobs center around the windshield, a variety of different scenarios can leave drivers with a busted side window. Car accidents, locking your keys inside the vehicle and old windows may all lead to situations where the auto glass is compromised. How exactly does the auto window glass replacement process work, though? We’ll discuss the main steps in the following article so that you can be better informed on how it all works.

An Inspection of the Damage

The first part of any auto side window glass replacement process will pertain to the inspection of the damaged window or area. An auto glass technician can in most cases come to your location and determine what all will need to be done in order to replace the window. In most cases, the replacement process is fairly uniform, but your vehicle may require a special window or piece of glass be ordered before any repairs can be performed. Once the auto glass technician has a good assessment of the situation, the actual repairs can usually be conducted the same day.

Removing the Panel

Your door panel helps hold the auto glass in place and is partially responsible for ensuring the window remains on track when being rolled up or down. The technician will need to remove this part of the car door in order to access the components that will release the auto glass. Even if your window has been completely destroyed, there is most likely whole pieces of glass still connected below what is visible. An auto glass technician will be able to remove these pieces once the door panel has been detached from the door. From here, the technician will move on to preparing the area for new auto glass.

Removing Debris

When a piece of auto glass is broken or otherwise damaged, there are thousands of little pieces of it that can find their way into the door panel, as well as other nooks and crannies. The auto glass technician’s primary goal in cleaning out this debris is to ensure that it does not remain in the door, causing potential damage to your regulator or resulting in injury at a later date. Your auto glass technician will vacuum out any debris that remains in the door or vehicle from the incident, which will be the final step in preparing the area for a new auto side window.

Insertion of New Window

At this point, it is now time for the new window installation process to begin. The window is inserted and placed on the tracks to ensure that it rolls up and down properly. Once secured, this window will  then need to be tested. The auto glass technician will check the regulator in the door (for power windows) and verify that it is in good working order. If not, then this piece of equipment will also have to be replaced, according to Auto Glass Week. After the window has been installed and the regulator is verified to be working properly, there are only a couple of small steps left.

Replacing the Panel and Detailing

With a new, functional window installed, your auto glass technician will proceed to replace the door panel that was removed and ensure that it is properly re-fitted. After verifying that the window mechanisms are functioning (and not obstructed by a shoddy refitting of the panel), the mechanical process of side window glass replacement is complete! From here, your auto glass technician will clean all of the windows in question to ensure that visibility is not obstructed. Congratulations: you now have a completely new side window that is ready to hit the road. This entire process usually takes no longer than one hour.

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Anyone who needs a side window glass replacement job performed can expect the process to go smoothly and quickly. The technician will inspect the damage, remove the door panel, clean out any glass and debris from the area, install the new window and replace the paneling. Rather than driving around town with a damaged or non-functional window, call your local auto glass shop today and schedule an appointment to have the damage treated as soon as possible. Your automobile experience should be both convenient and safe: properly installed and functioning windows help guarantee this.